About RaeVive

 RaeVive LLC was established August 2014.   With the goal to focus on helping people to obtain their maximum potential to help live a discomfort free life. Massage services are customized to help rehabilitate the body. Improve yourself whether you were injured,   maintaine your immune system, simply to relax, or an athlete wanting to keep your full potential. Massage can be beneficial to everyone and helps maintain over all health.

What To Expect At Your First Visit

It can be intimidating to visit a LMT for the first time, especially if you have never been to one before, or have received a massage. Here at RaeVive comfort is a priority. This appointment is all about YOU! You will be greeted promptly by the reception before you meet Rachel Champion. There will be a couple short forms for you to fill out so we can learn more about you and the concerns that brought you to the office. After a consultation (muscle testing if needed), Rachel will customize to your current situation. Aroma Therapy, tiger balm/medium, heat, relaxation music, and/ or neuromuscular therapy may be intergraded into the treatment. Together you and Rachel will determine the type of care that you will need. All of your questions and concerns will be addressed before any procedures are performed. We strive to make your first visit to the office informative, educational and the foundation of the exceptional care you will receive.

 We strive to work together to create a better life for you.


“As an athlete in a demanding sport, I have many muscle issues and Rachel always has me in tip top shape for competition!” - J.V.H

“Love the ambient music! !!” - D.I