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 Earlier in my life I had been in accidents that caused me severe pain for years. This eventually progressed to arthritis in my cervical spine. I was up to taking eight different medications a day; to help the pain and symptoms; which I had acquired over time from those injuries. This severely hindered my ability to obtain my full potential of everyday life.  With the help of massage therapy and chiropractic, I have created a life where I am not taking any medications at all and feel the best that I ever have. I believe it is better to treat the core problem then to mask the discomfort with medications and allow pain and poor health to manifest. I believe that the earth has everything you need to heal your body, its just finding it.
At  RaeVive, I strive to help others and educate them on the amazing benefits of massage therapy, self awareness and to show my patients how they too can have a happier, healthier life.

 Hi my name is Rachel Champion. My home town is Oshkosh, WI where I graduated with honors from West High School in 2005. After high school, I attended Gil- Tech Academy and obtained my cosmetology degree. Shortly after that, I enrolled in the medical track at Blue Sky School of Massage Therapy and graduated from there in 2010. It was there I found resolution from a long term battle of illness and physical pain that I had been struggling with for a large portion of my life.
PNMT (precision neuromuscular therapy) was my main focus in school along with learning other therapies like relaxation and energy massage.  PMNT concentrates on specific areas of the body and treats conditions like whiplash, frozen shoulder, thoracic outlet syndrome , piriformis syndrome and many others.I have also been trained in pre-natal massage and oncology therapy.
Massage created a happy and healthier life for me

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